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    HFX Monster i9 4K

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    Cinema MONSTER 

    Cinema MONSTERAudio and video server with 12 to 60TB 

    Article number: 893-M

    Price per unit (piece): € 4.995,00

    The new HFX cinema MONSTER supports the ripping of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. The movies can be converted to MP4, MKV or M4V (Apple) after ripping, so they can be played back on any DLNA or Apple device without any problem.

  • HFX Health-Check

    Price €70.83

    Health Check

    Check of the hardware and of the configuration, Updates and optimizations

  • DFF to DSF Converter

    Price €0.00

    The  DFF to DSF Converter  converts DFF files to DSF files. The full quality remains 1: 1, there is no intermediate conversion via PCM instead. Only a "header" is added, which can also save the metadata.

  • HFX Maintenance Contract

    Price €125.00

    HFX maintenance contract

    Maintenance contract 1 year

    Article number: 856-W

    Price per unit (piece): € 150,00

  • Externes Netzteil 5A

    Price €37.50

    External power supply 5A:

    External replacement power supply 5A

    Article number: 12V-5A

    Price per unit (piece): € 45,00


    Price €329.17


    Highend TEAC Slotin Drive for AssetNAS

    Article number: 895

    Price: € 495,00