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  • HFX Remote Air

    Price €37.50

    HFX Remote Air

    Air mouse, remote control and mini-keyboard in one

    Article number: air

    Price per unit (piece): € 45,00

  • Externes Netzteil 5A

    Price €37.50

    External power supply 5A:

    External replacement power supply 5A

    Article number: 12V-5A

    Price per unit (piece): € 45,00

    • New

    Pure Power

    Price €579.17

    The Pure Power is a battery-based power supply and therefore inherently delivers an absolutely clean smooth current without any ripples. With this, the Pure Power breaks new ground. Since a battery delivers absolutely noise-free, smooth current, this is superior to even the best linear power supplies.


    The special feature of the Pure Power is that it consists of 2 identical Li-ion batteries, which alternate in operation. While one battery is galvanically separated and supplies clean power for approx. 2 hours of RipNAS running time, the other battery charges in parallel. The switching runs automatically and is not audible.


    The battery charge level is displayed as a bar behind the mirrored front. The power supply from the Pure Power to the RipNAS is a high-quality XLR cable.

    The Pure Power fits any 12V and 19V RipNAS and AssetNAS and can therefore be easily retrofitted.


    Technical data:

    2*12V with 10A duration each and 300Wh in total

    2 Lithium-ion battery with fast recharge time

    incl. XLR connection cable

    Size: 24cm wide x 23cm deep x 3cm high

    Weight: 4.5 kg

    Materials: aluminium, acrylic