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    HFX Monster i9 4K

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    Audio and Video Server with i9 [51.143 CPU Passmark] 

    The BORGs can come ....

    Audio and video server with i9 (13th gen), 32GB RAM, 1TB system SSD and 2*12 TB (total 25TB) storage (expandable to 120TB). Ideal for a large music and movie collection. For audio CDs, DVDs as well as BDs.

    For audio CDs the proven dbpowerAMP rip software is installed. The upper drive is a solid, durable audio drive, just like the solid. Designed for 30,000 CDs.

    The lower drive is a Pioneer-branded BD drive certified for 4K and UHD. The MyMovies suite with DLNA server is used here, the Plex server for streaming, KODI and ROON as players, and Cyberlink for 4K.

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    RIPNAS Z V6 White

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    RIPNAS Z V6 White

    The RipNAS Z is a very compact audio server with only 24cm width, 23cm depth as well as 5cm height. During ripping the RIPNAS Z consumes up to 35W, in normal operation as a server less than 5W.

    The RIPNAS Z is a single model, which is optically and technically flawless with up-to-date software and hardware as well as 2 years warranty


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    Windows 11 with V6 software

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    Upgrade now to Windows 10/11 and update to the latest software version V6. With new licenses for 5 metadatabases, single ripper with GD3 database, with

    PerfectTUNES  for covers in higher resolution.

    Reworking your collection is much easier! Missing covers, too small covers, double ripped tracks, tracks with rip errors, ...

    Scope of services:

    Backup and restore data
    Installation Windows 10 Pro and the Windows 10 software package incl. new licenses
    Introduction to the new system
    Installation of USB-DACs
    Backup setup
    optional 1 year maintenance contract

    Windows 11 package:

    Windows 11 PRO 64-BIT
    Asset UPNP Release R7
    dbPowerAMP R17 (single ripper and batch ripper)
    Perfect Tunes R3 (Album Art, ID Tags. De-Dup, AccurateRip)
    KODI audio and video player
    ROON-Server plus 60 days for ROON-Frontend