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    Windows 10 with V5 Software

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    Now switch to Windows 10 and update to the current software version V5. With new licenses for 5 meta databases, single ripper with GD3 database, with PerfectTUNES for covers in higher resolution.

    Post-processing your collection is much easier! Missing covers, covers that are too small, tracks with double rips, tracks with rip errors, ...

    Scope of services:

    Back up and restore data
    Installation of Windows 10 Pro and the Windows 10 software package including new licenses
    Introduction to the new system
    Installation of USB DACs
    Set up backup
    optional 1 year maintenance contract

    Windows 10 package:

    Windows 10 PRO 64-BIT
    Asset UPNP Release R6
    dbPowerAMP R17 (single ripper and batch ripper)
    Perfect Tunes R3 (Album Art, ID Tags. De-Dup, AccurateRip)
    KODI audio and video player
    ROON server plus 60 days for ROON frontend