About us

Our company

HFX Technologies GmbH is a Austrian Hi-Tech Industrial Engineering Company with focus on green efficiency and sustainable technologies. The company has profound experience and Know-how in the design and development of innovative hardware appliances at the highest quality standards and fulfilling the newest requirements of the EU rules and regulations, by contributing to the UN Global Goals.

Our team

The HFX Team is a group of Engineers and Professionals passionate about Technology and Innovation and devoted to precision and quality. 


HFX products are designed and engineered in response to the actual needs of our society and in harmony with the environment.

HFX  Technologies  GmbH
Mollardgasse 85a / 3 / 158
AT-1060   Vienna – Austria

Geschäftsführer: DI (FH) Maik BERENDT
Umsatzsteuer-ID: ATU73143412
Firmenbuch Wien 478873a
Mitliedsnummer der Wirtschaftskammer Wien: 993490