The HFX Power 80
  • The HFX Power 80

The HFX Power 80

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Linear transformer power supply for 19V high-end audio

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Price: € 695,00


   The HFX Power 80

The HFX Power 80 is a transformer-hi-fi power supply and thus delivers an extremely smooth voltage without interference. A toroidal transformer with shielding between the primary and secondary windings wound to this power supply supplies 80 W. The output voltage of 19 V DC is perfectly suited for the RipNAS Solid, the AssetNAS D4, but also other 19V DAC or headphone amplifiers. A universal plug set is included.

In addition, 2 USB devices can be directly powered with 5V, such as the Rip drive or the storage tank of the AssetNAS D4.

The high-quality components used ensure a long service life and are protected by a solid and continuous aluminum housing. Also the supply to the 19V terminal are extra shielded.

purely linear hi-fi transformer power supply

19V for RipNAS and other DAC

5 V for extensions like memory

solid, continuous aluminum housing

high quality components for a long life

smooth, clean tension

"A linear power supply contributes significantly to improving the sound."

Wolfgang H .: "With the linear power supply you, or the developer, have achieved a great success: In comparison to the standard power supply, the sound is now more relaxed, quieter, with more details, dynamics and a more beautiful room image - and of course I want it to acquire! "

Reinhard W .: "Power supply works perfectly and brings a clear sound gain."



Total power: 80 W

Toroidal transformer with shield winding

1x 19 V with 2.5 A

2x 5 V with 0.8 A each

Residual ripple <1 mV

3 kg in solid aluminum cooling fin housing

11 cm (h) x 6 cm (w) x 30 cm (t)

Warranty: 3 years manufacturer's warranty


RipNAS Solid V4, Solid E4, AssetNAS D4, Cinema Solid, Cinema MKV, HFX Zonee II

Centrance DACmini PX / CX, Pro-Ject Head, Pre Box RS Digital, Stream Box RS, CD Box RS, DAC Box RS


Power supply, power supply cable,

19V power cable with XLR,

19 V plug set

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