Vienna, 11.10.2007 - Official launch of mCubed HFX® micro
After winning 1st price of the „People's Choice Award“ at the Intel Challenge 2007, the German-Austrian manufacturer of exclusive HTPC-Cases is finally launching their exclusive newcomer, mCubed's HFX® micro.
From today, the HFX® micro is available via our responsible distributors of the respective markets and will be offered as a case, as a bundle and furthermore, as a complete built PC.

London, 21.10.2006 - Pure Austrian Design at London Design Festival "100% East"
HFX Media Centers are a new form of convergent technology which integrate different applications such as Digital TV, Internet Access, Photo Images, Music, Movies and much more. Our stylish cases have been designed to complement your contemporary living space and form an eternal bond with your lcd/plasma. All of our products have been designed to exceed expectations and inspire your creation of a digital home.

Stockholm, 28.06.2006 - Nokia Sweden starts Marketing campaign for N80 with the HFX® HTPC by Pyrotech
With the N80 you can bring multimedia content from the HFX® HTPC to the mobile display. The N80 is connected with the HFX over WLAN. Using the N80 as remote control or using the HFX as multimedia data server makes both devices the ideal partners.

Zurich, 06.04.2006 - Microsoft Media Center Award 2006 for nextPC with HFX®classic
A jury of 10, designers, journalist and IT experts have awarded devices in the category design, websites and performance with the Media Center Award 2006. The Media Center Model HE mCubed by nextPC Gambino won the „Best Media Center Performance“ award in the category performance. High end hardware components, performant processors and big storages at lowest noise levels convinved the jury.

Santa Clara, 11.01.2006 - Intel recommends HFX® case for ViiV
Intels new platform for digital entertainment requires not only new processors and motherboards, but also new cases with new design, new cooling techniques and new remote assistence.The HFX® classic is therefore recommend by Intel as platform for ViiV.

Las Vegas, 06.01.2006 - HFX® classic at the CES Las Vegas
The HFX classic was exposed on the CES in Las Vegas with the support of Silverstone. As the only passive cooled HTPC heatsink case, it attracted a lot of potential dealers and customers. Especially system integrators take the HFX® classic as platform for High-End Home Entertainment PCs.<<<