"HFX has started in 2003 with devotion for quality and sound to design and develop high-end solutions for passionate people and to bring
the best quality technology into their living rooms. With our love and dedication to the detail we have engineered components
and products with sophisticated design and state-of-the-art technology.

Our high-end audio solutions, were acknowledged as the the best and as a reference class by our customers and in the professional media. In our strive for excellence we build up all our small solutions like puzzles pieces together to get bigger and bolder. In our work we not only envision the future, but devote ourselves to research and development and work hard to get there and to create the best technology solutions for a greater tomorrow.
As a learning organisation we are not simply satisfied from being the best in sound and audio solutions, therefore we are also currently progressing in video and data processing systems by addressing the current challenges and contributing to the millennium goals for sustainable development.

We achieved to satisfy over 10.000 end customers and progressed into the area of business and enterprise solutions. The sustainable future is our mission and tradition for excellence is our culture."

Maik Berendt, 2018